Ayre Group

A voracious reader, Calvin Ayre has made a career out of being endlessly curious. And he’s turned that curiosity into a desire to upend the traditional publishing business even before there was a need to be fighting #fakenews. Since 2010, his content destinations and knowledge-sharing events have become sources of information for entire industries.

Our Agency

Founded by Calvin Ayre, Ayre Media is a full-service content marketing agency. We are driven by contributing to our client's success. Challenge fuels our creativity. We create brand experiences that invite conversation and spawn critical thinking.

Strategic Approach

We are a global team of problem solvers. We ask and start by identifying the WHY. We strongly believe that a detailed plan focused on the WHY is pivotal to delivering results and engaging audiences.

Creative Thinking

We help brands discover and rediscover themselves. We bring their stories to life and design experiences that are memorable for audiences.

Ongoing Management

Once a strategy is in place, we efficiently manage a wide array of initiatives for our clients including content creation, media management, experiential events, and live coverage.

Our Work

In addition to our client work, we are the team behind the leading sources of gambling and Bitcoin news. We have produced countless content and PR campaigns and developed thought-provoking videos for our global clients. We are proud to produce world-class conferences and events, creating unique experiences for all who attend.

CoinGeek Conferences

International conferences held in world-class destinations such as London, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and Seoul are quickly becoming the most highly anticipated events within the Bitcoin and blockchain world.

CoinGeek News

Launched in 2017, CoinGeek.com is a news site with a particular focus on Bitcoin (BSV) technology—the only Bitcoin network that remains true to the original vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

CalvinAyre Gambling News

CalvinAyre.com served as the premier global gambling news site from 2010-2021 and built its reputation as a trusted industry resource.