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Calvin Ayre: Bitcoin scaling is always important

Calvin Ayre

This article was originally published on CoinGeek on July 24, 2019.

Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek and Bitcoin ambassador to the world, has seen the potential of Bitcoin for many years now. Thanks to its return to its original protocol, and a focus on massive scaling, that potential is now becoming a reality. He joined CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero at the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference to talk about the great achievements he’s now witnessing.

As he’s previously made clear, scaling is the focus of Bitcoin in 2019, and it’s achieving it in spades, with the Quasar protocol upgrade increasing maximum block sizes to 2GB. “I want to quote Dr. Craig ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Wright. ‘Scaling solves all problems,’” he told Liggero. “But scaling isn’t important only right now, scaling is always important. But if you look at it from a perspective of whether scaling is important now versus later, of course, sooner is better. But the reality is that scaling solves all problems. Craig said it could scale, Craig said Bitcoin, as originally invented by him, was born to scale. They said it couldn’t be done, and now we’ve proven it. And I think that’s what’s creating all the excitement.”

Dr. Wright has been steadily working to prove he’s the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and he’s proving that fact to new people every day, but more still needs to be done. “I think there’s people out there that still don’t feel that it’s been proven to them, but he’s proven it to me, multiple ways, multiple times over the last few years,” Ayre said. He added:

So, I’ve been saying that he’s proven it to me. What’s happening is more people are feeling that he’s crossed the proof threshold. But ultimately, the only way to really prove it, and will be accepted by all the people that matter in the world, and I’m not talking about the trolls, they actually do no matter, but all the people that matter are waiting for him to prove it in front of a respect arbitrator. And that’s why he’s attempting to get his facts into court, and letting a judge review them because the judge is going to come to the same determination as I did when you review all the material, which I have done.

Dr. Wright’s commitment to restore the original Bitcoin, now represented by Bitcoin SV (BSV) promises to provide real utility in peer to peer money and data ledgers. Unfortunately, some still fail to understand what Bitcoin was always meant to be. “Why is it so hard to understand?” Ayre asked. “I mean, people are out there saying that Bitcoin SV is not the original protocol, but in fact, it is. It’s the one that follows the white paper exactly. It’s Craig getting a branch of the original Bitcoin blockchain to go back and conform to the original white paper.”

That original vision of Bitcoin is now proving to be quite potent, and it’s a credit to Dr. Wright’s original work on the Bitcoin whitepaper. “What an amazing testament to how brilliant Dr. Wright is that people said that things couldn’t scale, they hadn’t figured the technology out, and all you had to do is go back to the original one that he invented ten years ago, and all of a sudden it works,” Ayre remarked.

Bitcoin has made a remarkable recovery because of this return to form, and CoinGeek Toronto 2019 was a celebration of unleashing the power of BSV. While Ayre himself is a huge reason for the conference being a huge success, many people contributed to the event that would give a voice to the real supporters of Bitcoin. “Because of the way the trolls have taken over the narrative online, it was important to create a parallel universe of people who wanted to focus on the technology,” he said. “And that’s what we’ve created here. And this is developers day, tomorrow is the main conference day. This conference revolved around the world, it will be in Seoul next, it was in London previously, Hong Kong before that.”

Thanks to CoinGeek conferences, the people who really matter can learn about and work on Bitcoin, and build something useful for the world. “This is an event for people to get together and talk about the technology, and what you can actually do with it,” he noted. “Applications that can be built on top of it. This isn’t about talking about the nonsense of speculating on tokens that have absolutely no reason to exist. This is about real technology that can solve real problems for people and hopefully, improve the lives of people.”

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