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CoinGeek TV takes us to New York for new insights on metaverse and investments in Bitcoin SV

This article was originally published on CoinGeek on October 13, 2021.

Patrick Thompson caught up with Calvin Ayre, the founder of CoinGeek and the main event sponsor via his VC firm Ayre Ventures, for the first installment of CoinGeek TV on Day 1 of the CoinGeek Conference in New York.

Speaking at the conclusion of the morning session, Ayre said he was particularly inspired by the discussions around BSV and gaming. Coming from the gaming industry, Ayre stated he is trying to get his friends in the sector to understand how powerful BSV is as a technology. While that mission has been complicated by the fog of digital currency, he said it was refreshing to see the power behind the movement towards adoption in gambling and gaming at the CoinGeek Conference.

He predicted the New York conference would come to be seen as a tipping point for the technology, with big changes to how the world will look at Bitcoin SV coming down the track.

Calvin Ayre

On the choice of pitching up in New York, Ayre said it was time to get more exposure to the U.S. market. New York was chosen as the center of media, finance, large industry, and the largest population base in the U.S., giving CoinGeek a strong platform to spread the word about Bitcoin SV.

Addressing the rapid pace of change in the sector, even since CoinGeek Zurich, Ayre said it was refreshing to see gaming apps adopting BSV so readily. While this is the way it should be, he commented that so many people couldn’t see the vision he was articulating for BSV in gaming until recently, which he marked as a point of personal satisfaction.

He gave the example of CryptoFights, which as a single app is bigger than the entire Ethereum platform. In fact, during some spikes, it is bigger than the whole digital currency ecosystem, through this one app powered by Bitcoin SV alone.

Ayre wrapped up by saying the epiphany for so many people in the sector is going to be the realization Bitcoin SV will take over, and there will be no reason for digital currency to exist at all, because this one platform can do it all and more.

Robert Rice

Next up, Thompson was joined by Robert Rice, a familiar face in the Bitcoin space, to discuss AR, VR and the Omniscape metaverse. Rice said the only tech that ties all these pieces of new technology together is BSV, presenting a platform that was like Pokemon Go for brands.

Rice explained the metaverse as the idea of all the things around us—augmented reality, virtual reality, data, IoT, blockchain, and bringing this whole world of data into a 3D format.

At present, Omniscape has apps available for all the different legs of this—for 3D, for AR, and so on. The next focus was on linking them up, so users can see all these elements in the same place, or can visit anywhere in the world through the VR interface, with access to the full suite of features.

Interactions in AR are currently through smartphones, allowing users to see 3D objects, click on them, rotate them, pick them up, and much more. But in the near future, Rice sees this moving a step forward, with the likes of 3D glasses from Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. Over time, he said, these interactions will become way more natural, moving far beyond the mobile-first world they currently inhabit.

Asked about the exciting developments going on with Omniscape, Rice said it was hard to narrow it down. The company is currently in the middle of a seed round, which he stated had led to amazing investors coming on board, and a rapid scaling and acceleration of the development roadmap.

He also spoke about the 3D scanner, a scanner that creates photorealistic 3D copies of people, animates them, and tokenizes them, creating a digital avatar that can be seen in AR via the app—just another example of what’s going on at Omniscape.

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