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The Ayre Group has investments and interests across the world, including publishing, real estate, emerging technology and enterprise blockchain ecosystem. Bitcoin, in its original form as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), is the world’s only infinitely scaling enterprise public blockchain. The BSV blockchain​ is the only technology capable of serving as both an enterprise-level data management and valuation protocol as well as a viable platform for online nano-payments. BSV is not some speculative cryptocurrency; it is an open, transparent, unencrypted data platform with an immutable timestamp of records, offering the potential for business models heretofore unimaginable.



One of the world’s largest Bitcoin and blockchain industry’s leading media, publishing, events and conference brands, that focuses on the BSV Blockchain Enterprise Data Management ecosystem.

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CoinGeek Conference

CoinGeek Conference

CoinGeek Conferences International conferences that are held in world-class destinations such as London, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and Seoul, and are quickly becoming the most highly anticipated events within the Bitcoin and blockchain world.



Disrupting the traditional publishing business to deliver authentic content for entire industries.

Canada Place

Canada Place

The multi-company office complex is home to Ayre Group’s various pioneering technology companies and other high tech tenants.



CalvinAir Helicopters offers a new way to fly in the Caribbean. Operating the state-of-the-art, Airbus EC130 helicopter, a tour or charter with CalvinAir promises safety, comfort and the highest caliber of service.

Token Recovery

Token Recovery

Token Recovery is an end-to-end solution that can help you recover lost or stolen digital assets such as BSV and BTC.

CalvinAyre Gambling News

CalvinAyre Gambling News

CalvinAyre.com served as the premier global gambling news site from 2010-2021.

Ayre Ventures

Ayre Ventures is the world’s largest investor in the BSV blockchain ecosystem. We have invested in these leading companies:


An innovative music distribution platform with unique patent-pending technology and the power of the BSV blockchain. 


A review platform that is powered by Bitcoin to incentivize better reviews for any location on Google Maps.


Buzzmint is a full-service creative crypto agency, from ideation to creation and delivery, enabling brands to quickly and easily create tokens/NFTs, with a fully integrated storefront.


Centbee is the easiest way to store, spend and send Bitcoin (BSV) safely on your mobile phone.


Centi enables merchants to easily accept Bitcoin (BSV) through existing Point-of-Sale infrastructure.


The easiest way to buy Bitcoin with cash.


The institutional gateway to the crypto asset class through SEMs and various OTC services.

FYX Gaming

The FYX Gaming platform was born from solving the problems of legacy gaming and esports.


The Bitcoin wallet you can recommend.


The social marketplace connecting students to efficiently buy, sell, and trade goods and services.


A leading, high-growth blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform provider


Scalable blockchain solutions ready to transform your business.

Pixel Wallet

Home of the future KYC system built with security in mind.


Infinite machine company pushing the limits of Bitcoin.


Innovative content distribution and NFT streaming platform

Satoshi Blockchain Dojo

Incubating and elevating start-up entrepreneurs with the magic of BSV Blockchain


A high-level smart contract language for Bitcoin (BSV).


The future of blockchain enterprise.


A powerful advertising tool that lets you create flexible, incentive-based campaigns, leveraging the power of microtransactions, with clicks and conversions recorded on-chain and independently verified.


Transmira is the developer behind OMNISCAPE, the first XR platform monetizing Augmented Reality (AR) for brands, businesses, and content creators.


Blockchain for enterprises in supply chain.


We create Bitcoin applications that interconnect and offer third party development and API services.

Let's Build the Future with BSV Blockchain

As the world’s only infinitely scaling enterprise public blockchain, BSV is at the forefront of impacting and enhancing business models in computing, supply chain, payments, data storage, and security, advertising, finance, healthcare, and more.

Ayre Ventures seeks to provide capital to scalable, high-growth businesses in the BSV ecosystem. Our approach is to invest in innovative ideas and projects and to support their expansion with our extensive networks and industry partners.

Together, let's build companies that use BSV’s real-world utility to impact businesses, improve lives, and be ‘positively disruptive’.

If you see a good fit between your venture and Ayre Ventures, get in touch. Just fill out the form below for an opportunity to discuss your project and the potential to receive funding.

Please make sure to send documents and pitch decks that contain only NON-CONFIDENTIAL information. All other documents will be discarded. Submitted documents will NOT BE DISTRIBUTED to third parties without your consent.