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Calvin Ayre on ‘Hashing It Out’ premiere: Operators will drive gaming industry’s transition to blockchain

This article was originally published on CoinGeek on April 26, 2021.

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Gambling is all about being innovative and having interesting content offerings, but let’s face it, innovation in the gambling industry has slowed down in the last couple of years—something that blockchain technology can help with.

In the premiere episode of Hashing It Out with Becky Liggero, Calvin Ayre, founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek, talks about the closure of and how the gambling industry fits right in to what’s happening in Bitcoin.

“My prediction is everything exciting that’s going to happen in the next 10 years in online gaming—other than the games themselves—but everything else, in the running of business, the operating of the business, the payments of the business… that’s all going to be done on the blockchain,” Ayre said. “But the decision to shut [] down was really my realization that there’s no need to have the other site anymore because all the fun stuff that I’m attracted too—of course all the innovation and craziness—that’s happening on CoinGeek.”

The transition to blockchain—the original Bitcoin (BSV), in particular—is going to be operator-driven, according to Ayre.

“How it’s going to work is operators are going to wake up to the fact that they can run their entire business on it, and it’s the cheapest way to get money in,” he said. “I think also this year, you’re going to see that there’s more gaming sites that are going to wake up to the fact that BSV is the only payment platform that makes sense as well because it’s the cheapest one out there and it’s the safest one, and you can scale it and it gets even cheaper.”

Ayre and Liggero started discussing Bitcoin as early as 2012-2013, when the gambling industry was exploring the technology for payments. But the technology—as designed following the original Bitcoin whitepaper—is capable of doing more as “it’s fundamentally a data management evaluation platform.”

“BSV is this platform from 10 years ago that was originally launched that was then killed and so the one’s 5 years ago didn’t work and we brought the original platform back and it actually works again like it did 10 years ago. Everybody that says blockchains don’t work hasn’t checked out what BSV can do. This technology is actually ready for enterprise adoption today,” Ayre said. “We’re building real businesses that use the data management powers and we’re solving real enterprise problems or companies that aren’t even in this industry that have a data problem that this technology is uniquely able to solve.”

At the moment, there is still a lot of misinformation around those “crypto speculative casino nonsense stuff” that are leaving a lot of people confused about the true capability of the original Bitcoin protocol. Ayre believes there will be tipping point where people will realize that BSV is different from the other protocols, and that’s when the gambling space—and other industries as well—will jump on board with the technology.

“My fundamental prediction is with all these, looking back in hindsight at this whole kerfuffle over what’s the real Bitcoin, what’s best and all that, it’s all going to look stupid because scaling is the only thing that matters. It’s not only important, it’s the only thing important. All of them that can’t scale will disappear, and this platform is going to penetrate everything and everywhere, and it’s going to disappear. Ten years from now, everybody’s going to be using it and nobody’s going to even know what it is,” Ayre said.

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Calvin Ayre on The Early Stage Investor: Why Bitcoin SV is the most valuable blockchain network

This article was originally published on CoinGeek on April 19, 2021.

Venture capitalist Calvin Ayre spoke in an interview with The Early Stage Investor, looking at why Bitcoin SV is the world’s most valuable blockchain network.

A prolific investor in the Bitcoin space, Ayre has a specific investment and business focus on fintech innovations, data management, cyber security and transactable digital tokens. His interview began by setting out the use case for Bitcoin SV, and why it is technologically superior to other blockchains, such as BTC and ETH.

Ayre said all other blockchain networks have decided to take the original Bitcoin vision and have tried to apply their own ‘improvements’ to the technology, as first detailed in Dr. Craig Wright’s original Bitcoin whitepaper.

In so doing, they have failed to recognize what makes Bitcoin special—its scaling superpowers. The need for and mechanism to scale was mentioned in the original whitepaper, but according to Ayre, has been ignored by those developing other public blockchains.

In the case of both BTC and BCH, developers have actually disabled elements of the scaling properties that make Bitcoin so special. As a result, only Bitcoin SV has the capacity to scale—and without the ability to scale, it becomes impossible for any other blockchain to compete.

Ayre said BSV will change the way data is managed and valued. The network has a global monopoly on enterprise level data management and valuation, with all other networks described as “hobby platforms” at best. As soon as an app is successful on one of the other blockchains, it needs to be ported to BSV as the only public blockchain with the scale potential to handle it.

In fact, Bitcoin SV is already so far ahead of the crowd that it is now impossible for any other platform to catch up, he said. Even in the event another blockchain was able to figure out a way to scale, Ayre believes this would likely infringe intellectual property held by nChain.

Bitcoin SV will help companies manage their data at scale more effectively, eliminating data silos which can lead to inefficiencies while posing significant technical challenges. According to Ayre, the technology tidies up disjointed data systems to create more streamline solutions.

Ayre spoke about a new platform preparing for launch, developed by the team at nChain. The technology is expected to be released in the next eight weeks or so, and will sit on top of Bitcoin SV to allow companies with enterprise data problems access to a modular solution. The platform aims to make it simple for enterprise clients to solve complex data problems, making it easier than ever before to solve problems with BSV.

On the growth of BSV, the Ayre Group founder said there is a lot of misinformation out there holding back on educating people about BSV. However, he believes the BSV story is so powerful, it will ultimately triumph. Once people learn how strong the technology is with its monopoly on data management powers, it cannot be unlearned.

He suggested the break out for Bitcoin SV will come when mainstream media understands it and starts talking about it properly.

Ayre said ultimately, all tokens on all exchanges are the same—they can’t do anything, beyond just being gambling tokens. When mainstream media starts covering the topic more effectively, Ayre believes the narrative will change. Only when companies roll out use cases and prove this can and is being done on the BSV platform, will the mainstream wake up to the benefits of the technology.

For Ayre, greater regulation of digital currency is an inevitability. Drawing parallels with his experience in the early days of the online gaming industry, he said regulators will eventually get the digital currency markets under control. The BSV ecosystem is already prepared for this, according to Ayre, the whole cryptocurrency sector could be banned globally, yet Bitcoin SV would still have a reason to exist, as the world’s most effective data management platform.

Watch Calvin Ayre’s interview with The Early Stage Investor here:

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