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Metanet: The better, more inclusive and dynamic internet

From the start of my digital asset journey, I took Satoshi Nakamoto at his/her word that blockchain technology and digital assets were intended to be used. Not hoarded as ‘digital gold,’ not endlessly flipped in pursuit of speculative riches, but used—for the wide variety of purposes that only enterprise blockchain technology is capable.

It’s for that reason that Ayre Group is now the world’s largest venture capital investor in Metanet apps that rely on unboundedly scaling public proof-of-work enterprise blockchains like BSV. My support for BSV-based projects is well known, but that support stems from the fact that BSV is the only legally- and regulatory-compliant enterprise blockchain that can scale to make Metanet a reality.

What is Metanet? It can best be described as an economically integrated online system that enables cost-effective, instant micropayments. An even simpler way to say it is that Metanet represents the vision of a better, more inclusive and dynamic internet.

A long time ago, major corporations hijacked the original peer-to-peer vision of the internet in favor of routing all traffic through their centralized (and proprietary) hubs. Now, with the growing rollout of the IPv6 standard, end users can assign unique IP addresses to each and every one of their devices. Little by little, device by device, this is helping to restore that original peer-to-peer internet model.

All these devices talking to each other—many of them autonomously, such as the ever-increasing army of Internet of Things (IoT) devices—will require the help of artificial intelligence to ensure digital messages arrive safely at their intended destination(s).

The combination of AI, the exponential rise in IP addresses and the friction-free, cost-effective micropayment capabilities of BSV will help make Metanet a reality. Free from the high transaction fees and slow processing times of traditional financial systems, individuals will be able to easily access and monetize webpages, services, every single piece of online data, with each of these transactions costing tiny fractions of a cent.

This global democratization of access to data and services will empower individual creators to engage in a direct-to-consumer model, free from the grasping middlemen that would render such a model unworkable. Metanet represents a world unconstrained by bureaucracy, allowing individuals to rely solely on merit, innovation and their will to succeed.

Metanet also promises to upend the current model of cross-border transactions, including remittances, by eliminating the fees and delays imposed by intermediaries. Metanet’s decentralized nature will also bring enhanced security and trust to digital transactions, while offering greater control over one’s personal data. 

Industry will also benefit as developers leverage Metanet’s capabilities, creating new applications and services in fields like education and healthcare that could benefit from Metanet’s flexibility and security.

And these developers can work with confidence, knowing that BSV can trace an unbroken history back to the Bitcoin Genesis block. This means that the blockchain on which developers are building is the only one with a locked protocol since 2008, ensuring that applications developed today won’t be compromised by unnecessary protocol revisions.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy great success in a number of fields since I began my business career all those years ago. But I have made it my life’s mission to bring Metanet from the drawing board to the real world. Metanet’s potential is simply too great to ignore.

It’s for that reason that I have made London Blockchain Conference ground zero in this conjoining of enterprise blockchain, IPv6 and AI that will create Metanet. Next year’s event—the 11th in this entertaining and informative series—will have an even greater Metanet focus. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there, so together we can marvel at all the impossibilities that Metanet is helping to make possible.

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