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Vaionex closes major investment round with Ayre Ventures

This article was originally published on CoinGeek on June 13, 2022.

Antigua, June 13 2022: Vaionex Corporation, the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company that has become a crucial part of the BitcoinSV (BSV) ecosystem, has closed a significant investment round of $1.23M USD with Ayre Ventures, marking its largest funding round to date.

CEO and co-founder, Robin Kohze, described Vaionex as a group of blockchain companies focused on core infrastructure (Relysia), on-chain database storage and management (Metashard), smart contracts (Transpiler), tokenization (STAS), and non-fungible tokens (NFTech). Vaionex aims to reduce BSV development time by as much as 95%, while eliminating the friction that prevents companies from embracing blockchain technology on their own.

Kohze, a genetics department PhD student at the University of Cambridge, started Vaionex after co-founding the Cambridge Metanet Society in 2019. Metanet Society events and debates led to the launch of Satolearn, a platform that teaches users how to program blockchain-based applications which is now part of the FinTech MSc program at the University of Exeter. To date, Satolearn has educated over 1,500 graduates and has become a major learning source for BSV ecosystem companies.

Kohze commented on the investment: “Essential societal shifts towards digitally driven decision-making created the need for verifiable data sources and their management. Immutable blockchain components will soon transform the ability and reliability of data-driven platforms of nearly any vertical in the world. While it is no easy feat to stand at the forefront of blockchain transformation, we focused on the base needs of our growing list of enterprise partners in that process. Ayre Ventures joins Vaionex at a strategic point in time to significantly upscale our operations in the endeavor to build out seamless blockchain services.”

The heart of Vaionex’s operations is Relysia, a BaaS development suite with over 60 Application Programming Interface (API) points that cover almost any blockchain application. Relysia integrates all aspects of wallet creation, issuing tokens, smart contracts, uploads, and addresses, cutting development time while ensuring application reliability.

At the recent BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, Vaionex unveiled several new initiatives, including Transpiler (working with California-based sCrypt Inc.); a ‘wormhole to efficiency’ that enables developers to easily convert Ethereum-based smart contracts, NFTs and tokens into BSV scripts, thereby taking advantage of the 99.99% reduced transaction fees available on the BSV blockchain.

Ayre Ventures’ founder Calvin Ayre celebrated his group’s investment in Vaionex: “I’m thrilled to support Vaionex, which has established itself as a core company involved in BSV development. Vaionex has created a funnel that brings developers and non-developers alike into the BSV ecosystem, identifying major pain points and simplifying them for both entrepreneurs looking to build new businesses as well as existing companies looking to incorporate blockchain benefits into their operations.”

About Vaionex

Vaionex Corporation was co-founded by Robin Kohze and Dr. Samuel Schmidt to transform blockchain adoption across the globe. In the two years since its foundation, Vaionex has acquired strategic equity in a variety of companies to build an ecosystem of rapid blockchain service adoption and offers software consultancy to major enterprise partners in the BitcoinSV ecosystem.

About Ayre Ventures

Ayre Ventures, founded by celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist Calvin Ayre, provides capital to scalable, high-growth businesses within the BSV blockchain ecosystem, the only infinitely scaling enterprise public blockchain. The Group targets investment in innovative ideas and ambitious projects that are ‘positively disruptive’, supporting their expansion with the Group’s extensive network and industry partners.

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